Data archiving is simply the active management of information. Digital archiving is intended for long-term storage, preservation, and access to information. By consolidating traditional storage tiers you can create cost-effective and user-friendly digital archives which serve as your long-term storage. This simply involves the transformation of current and future storage repositories into active digital archives.

The timeframe for this depends on the information itself but numerous studies have shown that only 40% of digital information once created is ever viewed and only 20% is altered. Archiving alleviates this problem by identifying the older or little used information and manages it separately from the organizations active information.

The main benefits of archiving are:

  • Reduce the risk
  • Reduce the cost
  • Increase the availability of information
  • Maintain the legal requirement

Integral services limited provides systematic and secure document archiving for client soft copy accessible from any corner of the world and hard copy within shortest possible of time. To do so we maintain the following procedure:

  • Collect Hard copy from client location
  • Indexing the documents
  • Scanning by industrial scanner
  • Store soft copy dedicated cloud space for client
  • Store indexed hard copy in secure and safe warehouse of Integral services Limited
  • Delivery and Recollect the hard copy as per client requirement